Vinilex 120 Active Primer

Vinilex 120 Active Primer


NIIPPON VINILEX 120 ACTIVE PRIMER is a two-pack Polyvinyl butyral-based, acid catalysed etching primer that is necessary to ensure good adhesion on all non-ferrous metals. Widely used by both manufacturing and heavy duty protection concerns.

- Quick-dry for short recoating convenience
- High coverage, requires only a thin coat. Economical to use
- Anti-corrosive property for short term protection
- Excellent adhesion on all non-ferrous metals and blast cleaned steel
- Short term weather resistant

Application data

dung cuApplication MethodsBrush, roller, compressed air spray and airless spray
ti le pha tronMixing Ratio4 parts by volume of VINILEX 120 ACTIVE PRIMER BASE to 1 part by volume of VINILEX 120 ACTIVE PRIMER HARDENER.
 BASE and HARDENER to be mixed and stirred thoroughly for 20 minutes prior to application. Dilution should be done after the addition of hardener
pha loangDilutionRoller & Brush:     10% maximum
Air Spray:    20% maximum
Airless Spray:   5% maximum
Thinner: Nippon Vinilex 125 Thinner
thoi gian khoDrying TimeDry  to touch: 10 minutes
Dry to handle: 1 hour
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time2 hours. Minimum
do dayRecommended Film Thickness15 microns for dry film
117 microns for wet film
hoan thienFinishSheen
Olive green
dong goiPacking5 Liters (4 Liters of BASE with 1 Liter of HARDENER)