Nippon Pylac 3000

Nippon Pylac 3000


Nippon Paint PYLAC 3000 is an acrylic modified alkyd nitro-cellulose paint that is specially formulated for decorative and protective purposes. It is suitable for both exterior and interior applications. It can be used on metal, timber and paper surfaces. It can be cured extremely fast at low temperature and provides good adhesion on various surfaces.


- Durable, washable & quickly-drying at low temperature
- Good adhesion & superior gloss & colour retention
- Good film properties such as hardness & flexibility
- Excellent colour uniformity
- Wide selection of bright and attractive colours
- Convenient and easy application by spraying

Application data

dung cuApplication MethodsBrush, roller, compressed and air spray
pha loangDilutionRoller & Brush: 10% maximum
Air Spray: 25% maximum
Airless Spray: 5% maximum
Thinner: Nippon Pylac 3500 Thinner
thoi gian khoDrying TimeDry to touch: Approximately 3-5 minutes
Dry to handle: 1 hours
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time3 hours. Minimum
do dayRecommended Film Thickness30 microns for dry film
112 microns for wet film
hoan thienFinishGloss
Wide range of colours as request
dong goiPacking

1 Liter & 5 Liters