Nippon 1100 Fast Drying Primer

Nippon 1100 Fast Drying Primer


Nippon Paint 1100 fast drying primer is a blend of special fast drying binder with zinc phosphate anti-corrsive pigments to protect metal from rusting under mild and moderate conditions for long period of time.

- Effective long-term protection
- Non-toxic, good corrosive resistance
- Very fast-drying
- Cost-effective through high coverage
- Easy applications and adheres on wide range of substrates
- High quality appearance achievable with appropriate finishing coat

Application data

dung cuApplication MethodsBrush, roller, compressed and air spray
pha loangDilutionRoller & Brush: 10% maximum
Air Spray: 25% maximum
Airless Spray: 5% maximum
Thinner: Nippon Fast Drying Thinner
thoi gian khoDrying TimeDry to touch: Approximately 30 minutes
Dry to handle: 6 hours
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time8 hours. Minimum
do dayRecommended Film Thickness40 microns for dry film
87 microns for wet film
hoan thienFinishLight Grey
dong goiPacking5 Liters