Bilac Metal Red Oxide Primer

Bilac Metal Red Oxide Primer


BILAC METAL RED OXIDE PRIMER is an Oil-Modified Alkyd based anti-rust primer used as an economical protective coating for iron and steel surfaces under non-immersion condition.

- Economic grade of normal protection
- Non-toxic
- Easily to use with high coverage

Application data

dung cuApplication Methods Brush, roller, compressed airless spray and air spray
pha loangDilution Roller & Brush: 10% maximum
Air Spray: 25% maximum
Airless Spray: 5% maximum
thoi gian khoDrying Time Dry to touch: Approximately 1 hour
Dry to handle: 16 hours
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time 16 hours. Minimum
do dayRecommended Film Thickness 40 microns for dry film
82 microns for wet film
hoan thienFinish Low gross
Colour: Reddish Brown
dong goiPacking 0.8 Liter & 3 Liters