Nippon Paint Nippelux 1702 Mio

Nippon Paint Nippelux 1702 Mio


NIPPELUX 1702 MIO is an Oil-Modified Alkyd based coating pigmented with Micaceous Iron Oxide. It is recommended for use as protective coating on steel structure. It may be overcoated with alkyd based finish or left uncoated.

- Highly resistant to splash, spillage with a wide range of chemicals, ideal for marine and heavy industrial use
- Good mechanical film properties such as Film hardness, Adhesion, Scratch and Abrasion resistance
- High-build type. It allows film to build up to the required thickness in lesser number of coats compared to normal coatings
- Easy application by brush, roller and spray
- Its coarse texture makes it an excellent non-slip paint

Application data

dung cuApplication Methods Brush, roller, compressed and air spray
pha loangDilution Roller & Brush: 10% maximum
Air Spray: 25% maximum
Airless Spray: 5% maximum
Thinner: Nippon Bilac Thinner
thoi gian khoDrying Time Dry to touch: Approximately 1 hour
Dry to handle: 16 hours
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time 16 hours. Minimum
do dayRecommended Film Thickness 50 microns for dry film
91 microns for wet film
hoan thienFinish Metallic Dark Grey
Low gloss
dong goiPacking 5 Liters