WP 100 Chống Thấm

WP 100 Chống Thấm


Nippon WP 100 CHỐNG THẤM is special water proof emulsion for cement & concrete structures such as: Terrace, floor, wall, water tank, toilet floor. 
WP 100 CHỐNG THẤM prevents the water absorption from the top for horizontal surface or from the applied side for vertical surface. 
WP 100 CHỐNG THẤM also can be used as mortar for tiles on wall in bath room and kitchen.

- Easy to use
- Excellent water-proof resistance 
- Good Alkaline resistance
- Good adhesion for recommended surfaces
- Non-toxic. It is safe for applicators and users because no heavy metals such as Selenium,
Arsenic, Lead and Mercury and other toxic materials are contained in this product

Outstanding features

Application data

dung cuApplication Methods Brush, roller
ti le pha tronMixing Instruction 0.5 Liter of Water – 1 Kg of White Cement – 1 Kg of WP 100 CHỐNG THẤM, or
0.5 Liter of Water – 1 Kg of Grey Cement  – 1 Kg of WP 100 CHỐNG THẤM
Add Cement to Water. Stir well until no lumpiness then add WP 100 CHỐNG THẤM, stir again until homogenous.
Ready plaster should be used in 2 hours after mixing. After this time the plaster will have trend to be hardened.
thoi gian khoDrying Time Surface dry  -  1 hour/coat at 30oC
Use after 07 days applied WP 100 CHỐNG THẤM
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time 6 – 8 hours. Minimum
hoan thienFinish Matt
Colour : Milky White when use with White Cement
              Dark Grey when use with Grey Cement
dong goiPacking 1Kg, 5Kg & 18Kg