Nippon Texkote

Nippon Texkote


Special Acrylic Emulsion giving three dimensional polymeric surface coating by spraying.


- Excellent mechanical film properties such as film hardness, adhesion, scratch an abrasion resistance
- Excellent algae and fungi resistance
- Resistance to mud cracking tendency
- Combination with topcoat, Nippon Texkote provides outstanding weathering property,high degree water repellency, good alkali resistance and Anti-dirt collection
- Easy application with variation in pattern and shape of the film by means of application method

Application data

dung cuApplication Methods Air spray
pha loangDilution For better result, no dilution is recommended. If need, use clean water, not more than 3%.
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time 72 hours. Minimum
hoan thienFinish Matt 
Color: White
dong goiPacking 18 L

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