Skimcoat Nội Thất

Skimcoat Nội Thất


Skimcoat for patching and smoothening of interior wall. 


- Easy application
- Easy sanding
- Create a very smooth surface

Application data

dung cuApplication Methods Trowel 
ti le pha tronMixing Instruction Mix 01 bag Nippon SKIMCOAT NỘI THẤT with 14 - 16 liters of water 
Allow the mixture to stand for about 10 minutes then mix again until homogenous.  
thoi gian khoDrying Time 16 hours
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time 16 hours
do dayRecommended Film Thickness 1 mm for each coat depend on the surface.
hoan thienFinish Matt/ White
dong goiPacking 40 Kg