Odour-less Sealer

Odour-less Sealer


Nippon Paint ODOUR-LESS SEAER is a water-based environmentally friendly product conforming to Singapore Green Label Standards that is suitable for masonry surfaces. It is formulated to prevent the deterioration of emulsion paints by strong concentration of cement chemicals.

- Good alkaline resistance
- Efflorescence resistance to prevent discolouration
- Good adhesion
- Anti-fungus & algae resistance property
- Fast-drying for convenient recoating
- Easy to use

Outstanding features

Application data

dung cuApplication Methods Brush, roller or airless spray
pha loangDilution Use clean water
Roller & brush: 20% maximum 
Airless Spray: 10% maximum
thoi gian khoDrying Time Surface dry - 10 minutes at 30oC
thoi gian chuyen tiepOvercoating Time 2 hours. Minimum
do dayRecommended Film Thickness 30 - 40 microns DFT (Dry Film Thickness) per coat for standard application
hoan thienFinish Matt
Colour : Standard White
dong goiPacking 5 Liters & 18 Liters