Taikalitt S-100 NCB Intumescent Paint

Taikalitt S-100 NCB Intumescent Paint


A  single  component, acrylic  intumescent  heat  insulation  paint,  providing excellent fireproof performance, good film appearance and easy application. Designed  for  interior  and  exterior  steel  structures  use  in  airports,  railway stations, oil refinery, stadiums, high rise buildings, or interior steel structures of factories with fire retardant requirement. Certification issued by PCCC, CCCF and JSSC.

Physical Constants:

Color: Off White

Specific Gravity: 1.31 ± 0.05 kg/l (25°C)

Volume Solids    : 63 ± 4 %

Typical Thickness    

: 0.5mm (Fire Retardant Time for 0.5hour)
: 0.91mm (Fire Retardant Time for 1 hour)
: 1.25mm (Fire Retardant Time for 1.5hours)
: 2.18mm (Fire Retardant Time for 2.0hours)

Theoretical Coverage: 1.21 Kg/m2 (600μm DFT)

Touch Dry: 2 hours (25°C)

Hard Dry: 12 hours (25°C)

Fully Maintenance: 28 days (25°C)

Surface Preparation

Blast substrates to Sa 2.5 or above, roughness to Rugotest NO.3 BN9a; Always be applied over a recommended anti-corrosive primer;
All substrates should be clean, dry, and free from oil, grease, loose materials and other contaminations.

Application Instructions
Mixing: This material should be mixed thoroughly with a power agitator for 15 minutes before application.
Thinner: Thinner Nippon NCB

Method Of Application

Application Methods: Brush, compressed air spray and airless spray


- Brush:10% maximum    
- Air Spray: 15%-30% maximum    
- Airless Spray: 10% maximum    

Airless spray
: Nozzle pressure: 140~180 kg/cm2
: Nozzle size: 0.43~0.53mm(0.017~0.021”)
Air spray: Diluted with Thinner Nippon NCB to 17~23 sec (T-4/250C).    

Coating Intervals    
- Application Temperature 10°C: Minimum Interval 24 hours

- Application Temperature 25°C: Minimum Interval 12 hours

- Application Temperature 40°C: Minimum Interval 8 hours

* In case of long time outdoor exposure or contamination, water horsing needed to promote overcoat adhesion.

Clean Up: Clean all equipment immediately after use with Thinner Nippon NCB.

Safety Precautions

Handle with care, read the MSDS before application.

Please notice the safety labels on packaging before and during use;

Follow all local or national safety regulations.

Avoid inhalation, direct contact with skin or eyes. In case of swallowing or contacting,  go  to  see  doctors immediately.  

Take  precautions  against possible risks of fire, explosion or pollution.

Avoid  flame  on  site,  application  only  under  good  ventilation;  Improve ventilations for narrow or poor-ventilation areas.

Application Precautions

Air humidity: Application is not recommended once humidity above 85%.

Ambient  temperature:  Application  is  not  recommended  once  the temperature is below 5°C or above 45°C

Steel surface temperature: Must be at least 3°C above dew point. Too high temperature may cause film defects, so application conditions must be adjusted when over 50°C,such as shifting working time to morning or evening, shedding or transferring into workshop.

Other conditions: contaminations should be avoided from sandblasting, paint mist and etc. Stop application during rain, snow, mist, strong wind or sandstorm to avoid poor application, film defects and paint loss.

Packing Size: 5 Liter and 20 Liter.

Storage: 48 months at 25°C, Subject to re-inspection thereafter. Store in dry, shaded conditions away from sources of heat and ignition. Shelf life may shorten when above 25°C


Practical  coverage  may  vary  by  structure  shapes,  dimensions,  surface conditions, weather, application methods and other loss factors.

The above information is given based on our laboratory tests and practical experience. However, since we cannot anticipate or control the most factors influenced on our products application, we can just guarantee the quality of the product itself.

This product can only be used in professional application. 

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