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Our mission

Sensory color We create a colorful, bring comfortable choice, and easy color scheme is fantastic. Durable quality Paint Nippon Paint ensure all requirements are met and quality standards using as advertised. Advanced Technology We introduce customers to the product line easier to use with new technology, make paint durable and easy to grip surface. Environmentally friendly Nippon Paint to protect the environment in every aspect, from improving product quality to the production process and workflow.


Son not only protects the surface, but also help diffuse color, bring life and beauty to the surroundings. That is the spirit and culture that always adhere to Nippon Paint. Son not only is the outer coating of wood or wall, cement or mortar, steel or plastic. Paint color is. A glamorous color, create a sense of fun, honor the creativity and beauty.

Founded in 1881, Japan’s Nippon Paint Group today has become a leading brand in the world of painting and coating. Present on the 13 countries across two continents, Nippon Paint has been a pioneer in continuously exploring new technologies. By constantly endeavors to improve the function of protecting the paint and creating new color series, Nippon Paint always try to meet the expectations of customers. 

A man is always full of color inspiration has turned into his best weapon and he experimented with life around. If we use the smart way, colors can turn a small space into a spacious place. Turn into a cold room cozy. Colors can bring comfortable feeling, fun, to make people calm or energize. Colors can also help us to cleverly conceal the points do not reveal, and emphasis on the features. Nippon Paint Company has created a perfect color, help users have more options when color combinations to suit the different needs.

The man is not only a place where my heart. It was a world full of personality and emotion, expressed through the design and color. Nippon Paint Company understood that his top priority is the commitment to quality with the best diagnostic criteria. That commitment must be reflected in every initiative, from fossil-fuel, recruitment policies and staff training, to manage relations with customers. In each of these areas as part of / Manual, industry, architecture, automotive machinery, major commitment to improving quality and Nippon Paint has put forward in its towering standard paint.

Is the urban landscape around us was truly modern appearance? In addition to the architectural aesthetics, durability, Weather resistant and quality differences, Nippon Paint to ensure that all surfaces are well protected. Nippon Paint play an important role in modern architecture. Nippon Paint to meet the stringent requirements of the architecture, coating solution with advanced terminal care and exceptional customer.